Saturday, 30 October 2010

Back at Uni

Yes I am back at college. Summer was good, didn’t get as much done as I would have liked but oh well.
One week in and already got three projects to keep on top of. Here is a brief intro to them and some research I’ve started over the last few days. of
Digital Environment

The digital environment project is group based. We had to come up with a team name and theme for the environment.

I made a short story to help grasp the setting.

‘In the early mid century, an old man is working at a wind farm. Wind power is used to make electricity which is then stored in large batteries, and then carried down to the towns to power the houses. His windmill is old, and a message is left on his door telling him a new power plant is being made and his windmill will soon be obsolete.
The remainder of the story is that he turns his windmill into a makeshift helicopter and he flies away’

I started searching for research online looking at different forms of windmills and how they work. I did find some but I’m still trying to find out about copyright in order to post any of them here. When I find out I’ll edit this post or say so in a later post.

What I do have is some of the photos taken from when the family bungalow was having its loft conversion. The beams of wood and slops make great textures and show how they work just to hold up the roof.

click to veiw full size


Industry Exercises 1

For the industry exercises project I went with the character design brief. I do want to do character concept for a career, so seemed to be the best choice to see if I can do it and whether it holds up with industry standard.
We were given a choice of characters for a list. I have gone with 'Wee Eck McGlone' an old Scottish zoo keeper. I immediately thought of a few concept ideas when I heard the description.

I did have a go at as many different shaped heads as I can think of so once I choose one I’ll then work on the body.

so yeah first post of the new college year I’ll probably stick with a weekly post rather one now and again. I’ll post more often on the learning journal but keep in mind I’ll be spelling for myself so grammar won’t be all that. p>