Wednesday, 28 September 2011

level 3 and new blogs

Well summers been and gone and I am on level 3 of animation. i forgot about all the blogs i had, in a way I wish I still did. My god they are ugly. Why didn’t anyone tell me my backgrounds were crap? I have to go over them now. Still stick with gears of course.

Humm. Two days in and have to present my short film tomorrow. I’m not letting anything slip about what will happen in it here. but if it gets the green light I’ll be start a new blog detailing every advancement we make on it. And if it isn’t. I’ll probably have a little cry. =_=

Damn. I had other things to say but I’ve forgotten. :(

i shall update later when i remember and with spell checking from someone who knows how to.

Ponys the word. XP