Sunday, 27 June 2010

Humm need to think of a title.

hoooo two sundays in a row, Lets see how long i can keep up with a weekly posting. :/

first up i'm still woking on Stefan's poem porject's and i'm trying to do some colour images but i dont like any i done. i'll post a skech page just to show i'm still haveing a go at it just not happy with it.

image del

I've also got a firend makeing a yahtzee toy for me. well i am paying her :/
i only sent her the side and front vewis a few days ago so dont exspect to see anything soon. unless she posts it on her devent page :/ i'll post a link there just in case .

yahtzee chibi side/front viws

there should be somthing else here but i dident get enought done so to end. well, i just love that feeling when i finaly get round to finish somthing good started ages ago. like a samwich. :D

Inked mini comic cover of my Necrolan seric

Again any spelling mistacks just let me know please.

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